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Bounce or Go came to life in January 2024, born out of the shared passion for music production between two friends. Sirop and prototype, both seasoned musicians with years of experience, joined forces and quickly discovered that their individual styles complemented each other seamlessly, which propelled them to new heights in the musical landscape.

At Bounce or Go, the philosophy is simple: "You either Bounce to it, or you just Go." Sirop and Prototype emphasize fresh music that conveys clear ideas, pushing the boundaries between genres. Bounce or Go's strength lies in its ability to explore diverse genres and merge a wealth of musical knowledge, fearlessly venturing into new territories.

Explore the versatility of Bounce or Go through our "B.O.G inspirations" playlist on Spotify, where we share our deepest sources of inspiration. These influences strongly permeate our music, creating a unique sound that is both recognizable and innovative.

What truly sets Bounce or Go apart is the synergy between Sirop and Prototype. Through collaboration, they successfully fuse two different styles into a tasteful, authentic sound. The result is a musical journey that is both familiar and boundary-pushing, always infused with the unmistakable stamp of Bounce or Go.

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